This website was created by Purple Robot or it's earlier company, Tavish Hosting.

Mike in the Box, LLC
This website was created to showcase Mike's many amazing graphics he has created over the years. He wanted a simple splash page but a fun and visually appealing portfolio page, which we were happy to help him with.
Sugar Sisters
Created to match their new logo, this site was tailored to their need of a simple yet attractive store in order to sell their sugary products.
WELL Planned Events
WELL Planned Events loves showing their work to their website visitors. We created several galleries that are fun and visually appealing in order to attract customers. Many features were custom made to fit exactly what they wanted.
Living With Natural
Since the theme of the site itself is about nature, we kept the site free of many of the busy addons. We also kept the theme light with the light backgrounds. Once we were done with the basic design we handed the site to its new owner and she has slowly learned to do the maintenance and updating herself. Kudos!
FJP Voiceover
Fred needed a very basic site to get himself, or rather his voice, online as quick as possible. We worked with him and were able to build a site that met his budget while still being able to look as great as his British voice sounded. (Update: Had since been removed)
Lone Star Lakes RV Park
Lone Star Lakes RV Park messaged us back taking us up on our offer to replace their old site with a new one. Keeping with the location of the Park we made the theme green and kept it free from being overly complicated. This not only matched the customer’s expectations but also their budget.


This website was fixed, edited, or improved by Purple Robot or it's earlier company, Tavish Hosting

We were given this website when the original web designer left the project. The site and back end were in ruins and a deadline was approaching. Getting the site stable was the first priority for us and we were able to do that quickly. We put many images, files and forms in order as they needed before their conference started. Sadly, before our vision of a fantastic website borne from the ashes of the old were fulfilled our contact with them ended.